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Bakery & Snacks

                                                                            Bucket of Popcorn

                                                                 Large plastic bucket containing either Sweet
                                                                 or Salted popcorn and personalised with a
                                                                 digitally printed label.
                                                                 MOQ: 25
                                                                 Lead Times: 2-3 Weeks
                                                                 Printable Area: 137 x 92mm

                   Protein Balls

        Pack of 3 Protein Balls packed inside a
        personalised, digitally printed box.
        There are two flavours to choose from:
        Peanut Butter or Lemon and Pistachio.
        These Protein Balls are all natural
        meaning there’s no added sugars, they’re
        gluten and wheat free, no GMO’s, no
        Soy and only 94kcal per pack.
        MOQ: 250
        Lead Times: 2-3 Weeks
        Printable Area: 109 x 30 x 30mm

                          For dietary and allergen requirements see pages 79-81

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